Our goal is to help you tap into your own creativity

Tinisima Creative is named for the photographer, artist and revolutionary Tina “Tinisima” Modotti.
Her work exemplifies the soulful power of art and is the inspiration for my business.

Tina Paredes

founder & Creative Director

My goal with every project is to help bring your story to life and make sure you feel supported on each step of the process.

  • Practical
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  • Whimsical
  • hungry

Anyone who knows me well would probably tell you that I’m curious—about people, architecture, history…. a lot of things.  I’m drawn to learning. When I’m not working, I’m pursuing these curiosities as much as I can. You might find me volunteering at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum exploring all their behind-the-scenes programs, learning how to make vegan desserts, or taking a walking tour of LA’s beautiful Art Deco buildings. Most recently, I’ve been helping out with LA Compost learning how to reduce food waste and how to educate others!

Like Tina Modotti, I got my start in photography. But when I started using the photos I took and incorporated them into album cover designs, fake billboards and magazine ads for school assignments, my attention turned to art direction and design. I found ways to build both passions while working at a newspaper photo lab – learning the art of telling a story through images and teaching myself how to build and design websites for the photojournalists I worked with.

It wasn’t long before I pursued web and graphic design full-time working in-house at major brands like Old Navy, Virgin Group, and Guitar Center.

Eventually, I transitioned into agency work. It was there I discovered the thrill of a diverse portfolio of clients—big and small, each with unique needs. I worked on everything from glossy print ads and packaging to storyboards, websites and social media.

In 2019, I launched Tinisima Creative full-time so that I could focus on clients directly. I do as much as I can to help give them more control of their business by implementing tools they can manage. Today, I am lucky enough to work with  professionals in a variety of industries.

Sometimes I use this site to test out new designs and features I’m learning so it’s a fun and never-ending process.

I believe in design for good.


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mental wellness

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