Los Angeles Love – It begins


The picture above totally captures my joy of exploring beautiful historic places. I’m finally making a place to document the Los Angeles spots that I have visited and will add more info as I keep going back. Think the toughest part of even starting this will be what place to talk about first. I’m going to keep it simple and start with this picture and commit to posting at least once a week on either new to me places or ones that I will go back to again and again. One of my favorite things is showing a beloved spot to new people and seeing their reaction.

A little bit about me first – I run a web design and development business and I love connecting with business owners on how to grow their income. We work together to find solutions on streamlining their processes in a fun creative way.

Shout Out LA Profile

Los Angeles Theatre

The pic above isn’t even the first time I had been there. It might have been the third or fourth but Los Angeles theatre is still the place where I feel most magically transported back in time. My first visit was at the 2014 Day on Broadway where theatres including Orpheum, Million Dollar, etc opened their doors to the public and shared stories of their history and architecture

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