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Verdi Club

During the pandemic, Verdi Club had to pivot from hosting live events in their amazing Art Deco venue to offering weekly dinners for members and the general public to pick up every Friday. They started by selling dinner tickets on Eventbrite and I not only helped them transition to an e-commerce system hosted on their own platform but worked with their board members on a new look that better represented their vision and the historical club itself.

After finalizing the style, colors, and images over zoom calls and mood boards, I built out the site on WordPress so Verdi Club could easily edit any images and copy as well as change out the products in their shop and keep track of their sales.  As they transition back into events and indoor dining, the site can grow with them as we discuss a membership space and selling clothing or other products.

Now that events are happening again, I worked with them on how to present their new Event calendar to match their look and how they could manage them more efficiently on their end as well.

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